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I like the plot, and the narration. The animation is pretty neat but it could've been better. the only thing that really strikes to me as really bad is the microphone (pretty sure it's the mic). it's kind of dull. please use a different mic next time. the overall is really nice but it's really hard to understand what the fat guy is saying. i'm not really good at commenting good stuffs but rest assured, i liked it overall. :P

qwuickblwuu54 responds:

Thank you for the feed back il try to have more quality sound next time... no promises :3

Could've been better (and longer). Though i understand it's really hard to do action-based animation. Not really a total waste of time. Take your time next time though. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day.

MarCodeRed responds:

i will keep that in mind - thanks :)

This is just... beautiful! the animation looks great, especially the way you play around with the camera. the plot seems interesting. the sfx and voice acting is good, too. i'm really looking forward to tthe next video after this. Take your time though. We don't want to see a crappy video after you've hyped us this much. For now, i think i'll go watch "The Overseer" hehe good luck!

aggimajera responds:

Well, I might do more projects soon unrelated to this one. We'll see. Animation is a long process so I have to pick and choose what I do carefully.

Hope you enjoy! It's a bit simple, but hopefully it's worth your time!

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a good game for kids.
though the "yeah!" and the "uh uh" is annoying and cringy, especially when you hear them at least 15 times in a level.

nice and simple!
i thought twas too easy at first but when the shapes start disappearing, i just lost it. (i'm not good at catching invisible objects haha) just means it has good build up. thumbs up!

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